We are specialized in creating and optimizing businesses and celebrities online presence in all kinds of social media platforms, to implement their marketing strategy and objectives among their clients and audience, or even to enhance their marketing strategy.

How we do it ?

We analyze the client market and their competitors. Determining which social media platform is the best for the client objectives. We create and optimize a marketing strategy campaign in social media to differentiate our client's brand and to achieve the highest ROI, Estimating the budget for this campaign and choosing one of the service package we offer, the suits the plan. Implementing the agreed plan, and reporting on monthly or weekly basis based on the chosen service package

Small business

3000LE/ mo.

  • Account Setup and integration
  • Social media strategy
  • 2 Social networks
  • 4 posts weekly
  • Spam monitoring
  • 1 campaign / Month
  • 4 Content creation / Week


4000LE/ mo.

  • Account Setup and integration
  • Social media strategy
  • 3 Social networks
  • 7 posts weekly
  • Spam monitoring
  • 2 campaign / Month
  • Monthly report

Create your own package


7000LE/ mo.

  • Account Setup and integration
  • Social media strategy
  • 5 Social networks
  • 14 posts weekly
  • content creation
  • Spam monitoring
  • 4 campaign / month
  • weekly report
  • Youtube monetization

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